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Enhancing the Human-Feline Bond




Welcome to the Cat Whispurrer Consult website.   My name is Tina Buechner.  I have started my own cat consult after working for years as a cat foster for other larger groups and always being the go-to person for cat questions. 

MISSION: To rescue cats that are at most risk of being killed, promote felines with all they have to offer, and to work towards No-Kill in my community (see so pets are not needlessly killed at the local shelter. 

Cats have so much love to give.   I would like to help people keep their cats or kittens instead of relinquishing them to a shelter where they face death.    I have 7 cats of my own, all rescues, ranging from 4 years old to 18 years old, plus several foster cats for adoption.  I have grown up with cats and dogs, but my love has always been for the felines.   As young as I can remember, I had a cat.  I remember smuggling my cat under my covers at night as a kid so my parents wouldn't know my kitty was in my room.  A cat in here?  No, not in my room LOL!    My first cat was named Max who was a black cat that was eventually killed by a car since back in those days people, including my parents, let cats outside.   I believe in indoor-only cats as there are too many dangers outside including cars, dogs, preditors like cayotes, and other cats carrying diseases, amongst others. 

I also have a degree in Commercial Art and have some of my artwork displayed.     If you are interested in buying a piece or commissioning a pet portrait, please contact me.

If you wish to donate to my fosters to offset some of my costs, to buy them food toys, beds or take them to adoption events, please use the button below.  Your donation is tax-deductible.  Cat Whispurrer is incorporated as a state non-profit and recognized as a small public 501(c)3 charity by IRS standards by grossing less than $5,000 per year.  Yearly financial statements are available upon request.  Thank you for helping cats in need.

ALSO visit Ebay for items where proceeds will go to the fosters. There are animal figurines, jewelry and artwork for sale. Search for items by cat_whispurrer

Sell items on Ebay for Cat Whispurrer Rescue. Go to: and search for Cat Whispurrer Rescue. You can list items and pick my rescue and percentage to give when your items sell.


I have been doing cat rescue for 16 years including fostering for several rescue groups, trapping, taming and raising mom/babies and orphan kittens.  I have experience treating and solving a lot of behavioral and dietary problems through experience and research.   I have also been a board member for 11 years, 8 of which were as the President of the local Humane society and helped open a high-quality, high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic.   I started this consult to continue my love of helping cats and to share my knowlege of cats with others. 

As I am starting this new venture, I look back on how I got here.  It all started in 1994, the week I lost a beloved 14-year-old cat to cancer.  As I went back and forth to work, I passed a gas station that was in a triangle of three busy roads, one of those being a highway.  One day, I saw two little kittens playing in the parking lot of the gas station.  One was black and the other was black & white.  I decided right then that even though I lost one pet, I would save these two.  I talked to the owner of the gas station and found that he had been feeding the mother and that black and white cats had been around for at least nine years, most of them eventually killed on the roads.

I called the animal control of our county and they were not able to catch them because they were feral (wild).  Little did I know then that they would have been killed because they were considered unadoptable.  The next weekend, I borrowed a humane trap from a friend and trapped both kittens within hours.  I was unable to catch the mother.  She was too street-smart already.  I was unprepared for the task of taking care of the little wild ones but quickly learned.  I built a large pen, fed them, and slowly won their trust.  I took them to the vet and had all tests and shots done.  I eventually found a good indoor home for the black one and I kept the other one, Panda Bear, making sure both got neutered.  Even though the mother of these two was killed on the highway, there were others that were born.

In all, I trapped 4 more kittens and 2 more adult females.  I had them all vet-checked, spayed/neutered and given shots.  Two more black and white cats joined my household and the others found homes, 2 of them in Wisconsin at my sister’s farm.

My hope is that all unwanted pets could find loving homes but I know that it will take a lot of work.  Those first two little kittens inspired me to continue to try to help achieve this goal.  Hopefully, you too, will find an inspiration to help in this cause.  There are a lot of opportunities to make a difference - help some strays, help your local shelter, or neighbors who may not be able to care for their pets, donate to local rescues, etc.  I will gladly accept any donations to help my work.   All those “little kittens in the parking lot” are counting on us.  Tina Buechner, CEO


* I rescue cats and kittens from kill shelters or off the streets.  These are the cats and kittens most in need who have no one else.

* I do not take owner surrenders as I feel owners have a lot of resources and can look for homes for their felines through their vets, other rescues, family and friends.

* Work towards a No-Kill Community by raising awareness of spay/neuter, adoption, pet retention, and community involvement in creating a county shelter that is No-Kill.   To join this cause, go to

* I will gladly try to help solve cat behavior problems or give advice, such as litterbox problems, fighting, raising an orphan kitten, introducing a new cat to a household, trapping and taming feral cats or kittens, dietary problems, and other problems or questions.  If I don't have it listed, just ask.    I will only ask for a small donation for my time.  I cannot do it for free as I have my own cats and fosters that need my care so my time is limited.   Your donation will help me continue my work in rescuing cats and building a No-Kill community.  My goal is to help people and families retain their cats and not surrender them to shelters which often kill them.   I will add more on these services as I get started.


* I only do a few rescues at a time to give my fosters the most of my time and individual attention, which often includes medical treatment and rehabilitation.  I work hard to make sure all go to loving, responsible homes.

* I do all of my work in my home.  I try to find alternatives for rescued cats and kittens that have special needs, FIV or Felv, or medical problems.  They all deserve a chance at life.

* I am not an animal behavorist with a degree.   My work and advice is from years of real life experiences, research, trial and error.  I will have easy-to-understand steps to solve problems.

* I do not rescue or take dogs.

* My advice should not be in place of veterinary care.

Consults By Phone or In-Home/Email

Unlike dogs, cats often hide when a stranger is present. Therefore, phone or e-mail consults might be better for behavior advice.   Actually, most cats do not act out in front of strangers, so a visit to the home would be worthless in that case.   I offer help to people all over and they do not have to be from my area.  Videos of your cat can be a useful tool also.   Advice is given by the description given by the owner who knows the cat best.   You need to be very observant and fill out all information requested to get the best chance at resolving the problem.  Your help and observations will be the most important tools!  I will make home visits if needed to evaluate specific problems.  In that case, a travel fee would be charged.

My Contact Information
Tina Buechner
P.O. Box 881
Whitesburg, GA 30185-9998

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