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Foster Gallery

This is a partial list of available fosters. You can see the full list on Petfinder at  

Please send an email to or call 404-825-0815 and leave a message.  Most messages will be answered within 24 hours.


Purrl is a pretty white domestic shorthair (DSH) about 2 years old.  She loves to play fetch with her toy mice, play with water from the faucet and sleep under the covers.   She is a real GEM and waiting for her perfect home.


I defied death by car and starvation after being dumped on a 4-lane street as a baby!  I had no idea what happened to me as I sat and watched the cars wizz by me within inches and as I searched for scraps of food at (you guessed it) Checkers!   Then, something wonderful happened (although I didn't think so at the time) - there was some great fishy canned food put right there by 'my' street drain in this contraption that closed a door behind me -huh?  Then I got taken to a neuter clinic but I am strong and survived thru it all!  Whew!  Let me tell you a little about my great qualities, as there are many, if I must say so myself.  I am as cute as a button with all the wonderful Maine Coon qualities - ear and toe tufts, leather-colored nose, bushy tail with long britches, big size, great head-butts and a 'Redhead' as my foster mom calls me, and my gold eyes match my silky long coat.  I'm not scared of vacuum cleaners - how can they compare to cars?? I am a great bug-catcher and can spot a bug a mile away and catch it, just so you know what I am doing under that carpet!  And, you better not leave feather toys out as I will catch and tear them apart, feather by feather.  I love watching TV - esecially dog agility as I think it's funny seeing those dogs following everything a human tells them to do - how funny is that??  My motor is loud if you give me some pets, especially along with some tasty chicken!   I am still a young adult of 2 years. I would like to be with my brother Arby or would make a good companion for another kitty. I am listed as 'special' because I will need a quiet home and patient person to give me adjustment time after my traumatic start in life. Once I've adjusted, I will bond very closely with 'my' person and would love a lap to myself, but you can be assured, I will be nowhere to be found if you get company!  Heck, people won't even know you have a cat so you can invite those other humans that like that 'other' species and they won't even know!   Please contact my foster mom for a personal appointment to meet me and see if I can make you my own person.  Adoption fee $85.00 or only $75.00 if you adopt me with my brother Arby.


My name is Arby because I was found living in a very dangerous street drain after I was dumped as a baby.  All I could find to eat was some scraps from area fast-foods, like (you guessed it) -Arbys which required me to run across the 4-lane street, barely missing getting hit by cars.  Then, something amazing happened to change all that (although I didn't know it at the time) - I got 'caught' with my brother.  I was wisked away to several places called 'vets' to make sure I was okay and got 'fixed.'  I recovered from a chest-wound that was from a near-miss from a car. Whew!   I am now a happy little guy who gives great head-butts and leg-huggers and will flop on my side for tummy rubs.  Plus, I've been called a gorgeous hunk with my silky bullseye silver/black tabby pattern and have been mistaken as a Bengal (shhh, I didn't correct them)!   I am the 'managerial' type and like to supervise all the house happenings, like vacuum cleaning, bird watching, and will help with supper to sample and make sure all is fit for eating!  If you forget to give me samples, I will remind you with leg-taps, and then will loudly let you know if you ignore me.  I always make sure you know when feeding time is as I like to keep a strict household routine.   I love to play and chase my brother, Checkers, or other kitty friends to make sure they are getting their exercise.  I am a young adult at only 2 years old so have many managering years ahead of me.  I'm looking for my furever home where I can help with the household duties and will never have to be living on the street again.  I do startle easily so would like a quieter home without young children. I only need a patient person who understands my traumatic start in life to give me time to adjust.  After I adjust, I will become your best buddy! Please call 404-825-0815 or email my foster mom at for your own personal appointment to meet me and see if I can make you my own person. Adoption fee $85.00 or $75 if adopted with my brother, Checkers.    I am fully vetted, neutered and have a microchip.


ADOPTED! Beauty is just that.  She is very beautiful and sweet, but she has a playful side to her too.   She is about a year old.


ADOPTED!   Scout is a cute little tyke at 10 weeks old.   He is one of a litter born to Beauty.