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"Tina, thank you so much for your wonderful advice regarding Styx.  You were right--I am fairly certain that she was chewing things like our couch, favorite sweaters, rugs, ski boot liners, etc out of boredom.   Styx is doing great. ...and she hasn't chewed on anything inappropriate for quite a while. She is also at a healthy weight now, and she hasn't gotten a UTI....  I'll be sure to keep you posted!"  Crystal, CO

"We took Tiger in today.  Her numbers are down from 465 to 360 with 150 to 200 being normal.  We gave her canned food over the weekend and she liked it and perked up. ...she is acting normal. ... she is the old cat she used to be.   She is still thin but her behavior and energy are back to normal."   Rick, GA

"Hi Tina, Thank so much for all the information that you sent me last week.  I can't tell you how helpful it was.  You know Tina, when they made the movie "Batman and the Catlady"  they should of had you in mind. You have got to be  "The GURU Cat-Lady."  You just know so much about cats!   I'll keep you posted as things go along."  Babette, TN

"Tina, we talk of you often, our boys are still wonderful, ruling our home. ...  They both just had their yearly check up, doing wonderful of course.  They bring such joy still, we cannot imagine life without them.  Thank you for finding the two of them."  Robin and Bobby, GA

"I just wanted to give you an update.  She has been off her medication and prescription diet for a few weeks now.   So far she has been doing great!  No problems at all!  We are so pleased that she is back to normal.  I cannot thank you enough!"  Melissa, SC

"Tina,  Shellie is doing well and thriving.  My older cat is getting used to her. She's still very vocal, my favorite is the purr-growl/pounce combo. Thanks so much for taking such good care of her."  Marianne and Scott, GA
"[T]he short term issue seems to be solved.  now to stop the running laps @ 3am... :-)  Here is a pic I snapped tonight."  Jason,GA

"[T]he boys have adjusted nicely.  I still have to be careful that he does not get excited or over stimulated.  For the most it is very peaceful here for them and very used to being inside."  Florence, NH

"Wanted to let you know I think of you often and thank you for saving me and putting me in a great home!
Oh yeah, Bob and Jeanette (my mom and dad) say Hi too!" Love Always!"  Maizy "Happy" (RIP 2009)
"So far, she has used this box for the last 3 days!  [I]t has actually been since Wednesday now since she last went on the floor! I'll keep you posted! -Ursula, AL